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Who we are

The Gem in Me Program is created for girls ages 10-17. We believe that each girl regardless of ethnicity, race, economic or social status has a uniqueness within them. Our goal is to help them identify their self-worth.

We aim to empower teenage girls by bringing awareness to what lies within. Our focus will predominantly include but is not limited to, identifying and developing their abilities, both academically, intellectually and socially; recognizing their strengths/areas of improvement, leadership abilities through various workshops, open forums, special projects, community resources, and service activities. We want to inspire and propel them not just to reach their highest potential but to motivate others to become influential voices in their community.

The Gem in Me gives the girls the chance to spend time with a trusted mentor who accepts them for who they are.


*Our mentors share a passion to ensure that every girl is given the opportunity to succeed in any endeavor they undertake.


*Our mentors approach every challenge with positive solutions.



At The Gem in Me  We

Listen! Share! Do not judge or pick favorites! Build Trust!

Give wise counsel!  Be dependable! and Have Lots of Fun!


Mrs. Edna Ellison

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